Inside the Medicé First Aid Kit

We live in a different and ever-changing world and those that adapt thrive.  Medicé is a company founded on providing great and innovate products that challenges the status quo, with a focus on making tomorrow better than yesterday.
An intense focus on innovative solutions to problems, needs and frustration, with the attitude of “what could be” has resulted in products that will amaze and impress.
Like many entrepreneurs, our business started when we experienced a problem, and a painful one at that. Patients, especially our children, can become anxious about how their lacerations will be treated. When they realize you are using SkinStitch® and are not going to cause them additional pain, their whole attitude quickly changes.
We went on a mission to find a skin glue that was affordable, could be used by consumers and that was multi-use.  SkinStitch® met these requirements.  It is FDA cleared for use in the medical field and was recently approved for over the counter sales.   We applied for and became a Distributor for SkinStitch® so we could buy at a low cost in order to pass it on at a reasonable price. While any FDA cleared skin glue is expensive, because SkinStitch® is a multi-use product, the cost per use was still affordable.
During our market research, we found that people loved this alternative to the outdated bandages, harsh chemical disinfectants, and sutures.
When applying SkinStitch® we learned that not only did it take the fear out of treating injuries, but it does not burn when applying, like other skin glue, and it also reduced or eliminated pain instantly. 
Because of the amazing benefits of SkinStitch®, we also provide it to the medical community.  Healthcare professionals across the country know SkinStitch® Snip as a better, cost-effective alternative to other brands of skin adhesive. Our product is rapidly gaining popularity because of the superior design of its “user-friendly” applicator, low cost, and less waste. 

We truly hope that our discoveries and products will help make you and your families lives better.  Making a positive difference in the lives we touch is and has been an important part of who we are.
Thank you for learning about us.

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